Top procuratorate pledges prudent use of criminal penaltisilicone wristbands free shippinges on private sector

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BEIJING - The Supreme People"s Procuratorate (SPP) has pledged more prudent use of criminal convictions and penalties when handling cases involving private enterprises" operations.

In a statement issued by the SPP earlier this week, it said it has further clarified the standards for judicial work regarding relevant cases, in a bid to protect and promote the healthy development of the private sector in accordance with the law.

Prosecutors are told to strictly confine giving criminal convictions and penalties according to stipulations in the criminal law, while carefully differentiating between criminal violations and legal operations of private enterprises and their owners.

Also, compulsory measures during investigations, such as sealing, seizure and freezing of assets, should only be used when necessary while the use of arrest must undergo stricter scrutiny, the SPP said.

The SPP also asked prosecutors to formulate risk prevention and control plans when dealing with relevant cases to avoid improper intervention in enterprises" normal operations and work.

It also called on procuratorial agencies to properly supervise police work in criminal investigations to correct irregularities.

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